Cyber soulmate relationship

Cyber soulmate relationship

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Finding love in the digital age: The rise of Cyber Soulmate Relationships

Love knows no boundaries, and thanks to the internet, it now transcends physical ones as well. In recent years, more and more people are turning to online platforms to find their soulmate or at least someone who shares their interests and values. From dating apps like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel to niche sites like JDate and Farmers Only, there seems to be a site or an app for every preference.

Yet, amidst all this variety, another type of relationship has emerged: Cyber soulmate relationship (CSR). Unlike traditional romantic relationships that require face-to-face interactions and physical intimacy, CSR can flourish purely through digital means such as texting, calling, video-chatting, gaming or social media messaging. In this article we explore what is a CSR? How does it work? Who are opting for it? And what are its pros and cons?

What is a Cyber Soulmate Relationship?

A CSR is an online emotional connection between two individuals who share common goals and values but may not live near each other or have met in person yet. It can be purely platonic or romantically inclined depending upon mutual interests.

Think of it as having a pen-pal on steroids with whom you exchange your deepest feelings without ever revealing yourself physically. This type of relationship can last anywhere from few months to years depending on how often the participants communicate.

How does it work?

Unlike conventional matchmaking where physical attraction is paramount at first glance – A CSR blossoms over time based upon shared interests & world views which creates deeper bonds than simple appearance-based evaluations experienced during speed-dates/ blind dates . People nowadays look for partners who share similar hobbies/passions/dreams & beliefs instead of just looks/status.

For example- If two people both enjoy playing computer games; they might bond over Skype calls while playing together while cracking jokes with one another. Over time through repeated interaction they will share their stories, likes and dislikes with one other, create inside jokes and form a deep connection that may last over years this way two online friends can be inseparable in the virtual world and seek for new ways to spend time together.

Who are opting for it?

The demographic is largely dominated by young adults between the ages of 18-25 who are tech-savvy & open to finding love in unconventional means. Studies show that this generation values safety first before anything so opting towards online dating platforms where there is no need for physical contact is deemed safer during current pandemic situations as well .

However, CSR can also appeal to older people who have busy lives or lack confidence in meeting people face-to-face perhaps due to previous bad relationships/traumas/disabilities; but still yearn authentic connections nonetheless.

What are its Pros & Cons?


CSR can offer an alternate form of communication if travelling in person isn’t possible especially during pandemics which does not compromise social distancing protocols hence deemed safer sometimes.

It allows people shy or introverted personalities to open up with someone without fear or anxiety since interactions can occur from their comfort zone as opposed to going out somewhere else. It’s ideal for someone who wants companionship but doesn’t want any attachment, commitment or physical intimacy.


CSR limits the understanding of each other’s gestures & expressions which further leads to misunderstandings/misinterpretation while communicating adding barriers between them . In a post-lockdown environment when things return normalcy; participants might find it difficult shifting from virtual calls/texting back into real-world meet ups due different expectations/, communication styles etc.

As much as a reliable source of solace CSR may seem at times ,long term online relationships aren’t an ideal substitutional few minutes of physical presence at least before fully diving into relationship makes difference whether you’re compatible enough emotions wise and able converse face-to-face .


CSR is an interesting & useful concept in this era of digital acceleration to revolutionize dating which could bring flexibility, solace and the possibility of great connections. However, it’s up to the user’s discretion whether this format is conducive for them long term. Finding a soulmate remains a personal journey that must be tailored to each individual’s preferences and projected trajectory in life, while easing reliance on technology too.

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