How to approach online dating after a long relationship

How to approach online dating after a long relationship

Navigating New Waters: How to Approach Online Dating After a Long Relationship?

Hey there! Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of our conversation today, let me ask you something. Have you ever witnessed the awkward choreography of a baby deer trying to walk for the first time? If yes, then welcome to my world. That was exactly how I felt when I decided to approach online dating after getting out of a long relationship. Stumbling, insecure and completely clueless on where or how to start.

Online dating can be like an unexplored territory after being in a secure relationship for years. But don’t sweat it, just like our little Bambi eventually becomes an elegant doe with practice and patience, so will you get comfortable with this new venture if given time!

Now that we understand each other let’s navigate these new waters together.

1) Understanding The Terrain: Online Dating

First things first – adaptability is your secret weapon here. Understand that online dating is not fundamentally different than traditional forms of meeting people; it’s just more streamlined i.e., onset digital age technology has streamlined everything including love! Now isn’t that quite something?

2) Prepare Yourself For A New Start

Remember how get-set-go always starts with ‘get-set’? Prepping up emotionally before jumping into the fray of online dating post-long relationships is highly essential. Your past experiences might want to ride shotgun on this journey but remember – what happened then won’t necessarily happen now!

3) How To Approach Online Dating: Going Slow And Steadying The Pace

When learning how to approach online dating post long-relationship, pace matters! It’s simply not about racing ahead but adapting slowly yet steadily within my comfort zone helped me immensely in familiarizing myself with different apps’ algorithmic matches – And trust me; half your battle is won once you master this art.

4) Exercising Caution And Patience

Journeying through unprecedented paths can be quite thrilling but do remember that all glitters are not gold (Sadly!). Hence while getting excited about every notification ping may feel exhilarating initially- take some time before revealing too much about yourself or becoming too invested prematurely.

5) Venturing Off The Beaten Path: Try Different Applications

While experimenting vigorously for weeks made me realize adding variety ensures boredom stays miles away amidst surfing profiles and swiping left/right endlessly day after day!

Lastly dear friends(The one navigating through new waters), don’t forget physical appearances are fleeting and endearing habits often hidden behind glamourous photographs or those ‘perfect-for-a-fairytale’ descriptions (Yes Cinderella had mouse-friends as well!)

Let us approach online dating as if it were an exciting adventure game rather than approaching it fearfully post our long relationship hiatuses because happiness most times comes from places we seldom anticipate – Maybe clicking right instead going left seems wrong momentarily but who knows which pied-piper awaits where till you venture noisily into these silent digital alleys right?

So Prepare! Venture dare & remember fun lies in experimentation amidst expectation. Because no sail treads smooth seas always!

And hey beautiful soul…If at all some days heavy clouds weigh down heavily fear not because just like Bob Marley reminds us – “Every storm runs outta rain” certainly should apply here promptly because evidently even love doesn’t discriminate between on/offline evident enough wanderlust should seek its routes undefined amidst bridges pioneering over old chapters towards opening newer lanes testify enough why shouldn’t romance follow suite promptly there-after seamlessly beautifying each step thereafter… Wouldn’t you say?

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