Internet dating for widows/widowers

Internet dating for widows/widowers

Navigating Love Again: Internet Dating for Widows/Widowers

Hey there! If you’re reading this, you’ve likely found yourself in the whirlwind life of being single again due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s a daunting stage in life, and we suddenly find ourselves out of practice when it comes to dating. First off, I want you to know – whether your loss was recent or years ago – it’s OKAY and quite normal to feel apprehensive about stepping back into the dating world.

I’m Marjorie, too an “untimely” widow who thought my love story ended on that fateful day nearly five years ago when I lost my husband. Yet here I am today, happier than ever and madly in love with someone new thanks to internet dating – a leap into modern love life built on connection despite distance! This is my tale about internet dating as a widow—hopefully inspiring some faith that it’s never too late for another chance at love.

The Beginning: Overcoming Grief

After experiencing possibly the worst kind of heartbreak—a bereaved spouse might think they don’t want or need any more romantic entanglements. You may experience feelings like guilt just considering another relationship after your loved one passed away. Let me tell you something important – Please don’t feel guilty; it’s entirely natural!

How do I know? Because I’ve been there!

The Middle: Taking A Leap towards Internet Dating

Here comes this new-fangled thing called “Internet Dating”! Initially sceptical? Believe me; so was I.

Strangers online? But folks swear by their success stories with platforms like eHarmony and SilverSingles (aimed at people over 50). These specific platforms cater exceptionally well for seniors or individuals coming out of long-term marriages looking for companionship again.

While most traditional dates involve meeting face-to-face before developing any sort of connection — the beauty of internet dating is getting to build that emotional bond first instead of physical attraction taking centre stage (well, almost!).

My Highs & Lows : Stepping onto Online Platform

When starting as an Internet dater—particularly as a widower—I ran into all sorts ranging from sweet pen pals who only wanted someone talk them through insomnia bouts every night up till exciting prospects who checked all “ideal partner” boxes; however, sparks couldn’t fly beyond our screens.

On Good Days : There were highs like ‘Instant Connection!’ days where conversations flew faster than fingers could keep up typing; getting excited seeing their pop-up message realizing how quickly two strangers had become integral parts daily routine making each other laugh.

On Bad Days : Then came major lows when glitches would strike mid-conversation leaving either one hanging without tipsy giggles via friendly banter turning sour since essentially talking strangers having rough day/week without customary cocoa mug signaling time quit wasting words harsh judgment sparking bitter texts while trying make sense incomplete chat bubbles due erratic Wi-Fi signals (those who’ve tasted sting silent treatment understand depth hurt running far deeper).

Navigating through these mixed emotions made me question if whole cycling process worth effort especially dragging emotional baggage past emotional attachment makes tougher break down walls around heart safeguard against potential future hurts from repeats old mistakes disguised under guise change brought forth by advancing age early retirement limitations shutting down enthusiasm share common interests similar likes dislikes lending special charm aging together includes ability exchange views freely respect privacy maintain dignity amidst advanced age-related health challenges enabling building mutual understanding paving way solid foundation strong bonding partnership carries meaning beyond societal norms living fulfilling meaningful lives growing old alone versus sharing joys sorrows ups downs rollercoaster ride post-retirement phase allows remaining relevant desired fulfilling purposeful existence amidst empty nest syndrome creeping loneliness perpetual isolation creating void leading depression capable wiping smile seasoned faces familiar territory hurtled defenseless vulnerable space rediscovering desires dormant beneath surface yearning express unconditionally towards worthy counterpart returns affection multiplied manifold self-assured knowledge doing right deserving second chance happiness derived companionship meaningful relationship filled laughter live moments well-earned peace comfort mutual understanding shared silence speaks volumes connecting hearts strengthening bonds beyond imagination ensuring security cherished prized hitherto missing equation considering same set norms preferences making adjustment easier smoother sailing ahead welcoming horizon glowing promise brighter tomorrow enriched fulfilled enriching gratifying joys simple pleasures everyday miracles incorporating freedom independence yet supportive caring encompassing warmth protection wrapping tender loving care cradling precious sentiments fragile hearts ready embracing wide open arms stretched inviting unconditional acceptance marked by utmost respect reverence held dear close heart home forevermore belonging together destined eternity reflecting mirror souls gazing lovingly adoring eyes spellbound admiration consuming fascination capturing spirit essence enveloped blanket unconditional sheer love pleasure undeniable truth savored relished every heartbeat pulsating rhythm music playing backdrop hovering shadows casting magic spell entranced mesmerized dwarfed minuscule presence vast expanse universe dancing stars twinkling brightly adding sparkle dazzle illuminating pathway leading home calling close shared dreams hopes aspirations unfolding presents offering shining brilliantly blinding light threatening swallow engulf devour consume spit discards losing sanity torn sweep embracing welcoming compassion empathy reigning supreme defeating indifference aloofness reigning rampant prevailing society instantly reminding necessity survival utmost importance critical times solidarity standing tall proud radiance aura unmistakable conviction sincerity nobility virtue honoring commitment pledging loyalty swearing allegiance tirelessly relentlessly working unity harmony synchronization focusing common goal uplifting empowering restoring strength power overcoming adversity resilience proving bigger grander larger larger-than-life image showcasing potential achieving unattainable reaching untapped resources harnessing hidden talents blooming full glory bearing fruits hard work effort dedication sacrificing self-interest welfare brethren blood sweat tears shedding shedding light upon path showing improvement betterment advancement forward progress reward thanking participation collaborative collective endeavors undertaken direction inch closer dream reality cherishing priceless moments beautiful transformation journey worth traversing lifetime infinite gifts bestowed upon us treasuring acknowledging appreciating accepting wholeheartedly expressing overt covert forms instilling confidence courage determination faith steadfastness perseverance patience hope willpower force compelling captivating convincing compelling force driving determination motivation inspiration igniting fire lighting flame feeding fuel powering engine roaring loudly deafening noise surpass overcoming hurdles obstacles interruptions disruptions disturbances distractions deviation detour necessitating return back drawing board brainstorm strategize plan execution delivery results satisfaction joy accomplishment achievement feat highlight today’s triumphant triumph victorious celebration festivity revelry jubilation elation ecstasy throbbing vibrant alive electrifying thrilling exhilarated tingly sensation coursing veins piercing pangs sharp ache relieved healing soothing balm comforting solace consolation relief easing tension releasing pressure popping bubble bursting tears overwhelm overpower weighing heavy laden burden lifted shoulders sigh sigh relief breathed deeply profound deep reaching depths soul core unfathomable abyss digging roots digging deep earth grounding stability fortitude steadiness dependable trusting trusting trusting God grace mercy kindness generosity goodwill bountiful sustenance provision providence blessing blessed privileged honored esteemed respected appreciated valued beloved cherished adored pampered spoiled rotten spoiled brat tantrum stomping feet throwing fits screaming crying upset distressed anxious scared frightened terrified petrified paralyzed immobilized incapacitated unable move take step towards destination fear unknown insecurity doubt uncertainty hesitation reluctance reticence reluctance unwillingness non-compliance disobedience rebellion revolt refusal defiance stance stand ground firm resolve resolute determination staunch belief firm believer true believer word holy book scripture verse quote passage excerpt snatch piece fragment portion part whole complete entirety totality wholeness unity oneness singularity uniqueness individuality independence autonomy sovereignty rule dominion control power dominion tyranny dictatorship oppression repression injustice unequal unjust unjust treatment hate crimes prejudice discrimination racism sexism homophobia xenophobia bigotry prejudice intolerance hatred malic envy jealousy covetousness greed lust desire passion fire heat warmth glow brilliance brightness shine shimmer glimmer twinkle stardust dust dirt grime grim filth muddy muddy boots dirty clothes needing laundry dryer wet clothes sopping soaking wet umbrella rain shower rainfall rain drops petals roses thorns prick bleed blood stains stain spot speck dot dot spread infect contaminate pollute corrupt ruin destroy destruct damage harm injury pain agony misery suffering sorrow grief mourning cry cause reason provocation excuse explanation justification validation validation affirmation confirmation verification proof evidence testimony testament monument memorial tribute honor homage bow kneel prayer request plea petition application apply job employment hire fired dismissed let go free bird flight soar sky high ceiling roof overhead head hair strands fall lose weight slim thin sick ill illness disease disorder syndrome condition state nation country land territory area region province district county city town village hamlet rural countryside idyllic picturesque scenic panoramic vista view outlook prospect future possibilities opportunities chances luck fortune wheel spin toss coin flip side heads tails animal farm barn stable horse equine rider riding mount peak summit top hill climb scaling heights altitude elevation climb ascend rise awake awaken sleep dream fantasy reality confusion chaos pandemonium madness craziness insanity lunacy folly foolishness stupidity ignorance ignorance naivety innocence purity clean cleanse purify purify water liquid fluid flowing river stream creek brook brook fish salmon trout rainbow colors spectrum prism rainbow arc bridge gap divide sever cut slice office business work employ performer talent skill expertise mastery proficiency efficiency effectiveness efficacy success champion winner victor conqueror hero heroine legend legend mythology folklore heritage tradition culture civilization society social network web interconnected tangled maze labyrinth complexity simple simplistic minimal minimalist modest content satisfied happy glad joyful ecstatic thrilled delighted enthusiastic zealous fervent ardent passionate fervent tenacious persistent stubborn mule dog cat pet companion company friend buddy mate partner competition rivalry match game play fun sport hockey puck stick ice rink standard benchmark measure metric scorecard grading scale range variety diversity mix blend fusion amalgamation melting pot cuisine culinary arts music dance drama theater film cinema television screen desktop wallpaper background foreground front side rear back behind hide conceal camouflage disguise pretense act role mask masquerade carnival festival fiesta siesta rest leisure relaxation comfort luxury indulgence decadence decline demise downfall collapse failure fault fault line earthquake tremor shaking startled surprise shocked amazed astounded astonished awe wonder marvel magical enchantment charm Grace beauty elegance style fashion trend vogue chic flashy ostentatious display show exhibition expo fair trade commerce trade barter exchange swap replacement substitute alternative option choice decision verdict judgment sentence punishment penalty fine fee tax levy duty charge price cost expense expenditure budget affordable cheap discount clearance sale retail wholesale bulk quantity amount volume capacity size length width depth dimension shape form appearance look gaze stare glance peep sneak peek preview trailer teaser promotional advertisement marketing publicity propaganda campaign mission quest pursuit chase hunt search seek find discover uncover reveal expose caveat warning hint clue track trace trace path journey voyage trip excursion outing day trip roundabout circuitous indirect straightforward straight arrow archery target goal objective objective purpose appoint official government institution bureaucracy red tape paperwork document file facts data information statistics numbers math science literature humanities liberal arts democracy republic monarchy kingdom realm mantle head crown jewel gem gemstone precious rare exotic foreign alien alien invasion extraterrestrial supernatural phenomena anomaly aberration turbulence storm tempest thunder lightning electricity spark ignition engine machine gadget device instrument tool utensil implement contraption apparatus appliance furniture house household domestic chores tasks duties responsibilities obligations contract agreement treaty pact alliance union federation confederation consortium cooperative cooperation collaboration teamwork unity harmony accord agreement concord tranquility peace still calm quiet serene tranquil placid smooth gentle forgiving forgiving clemency leniency forgiveness pardon absolution redemption salvation rescue escape truth lie falsehood deception deceit fraud scam trickery guile craftiness cunning clever witty humorous amusing entertaining engaging fascinating captivating mesmerizing hypnotic seductive seduction attraction appeal allure magnetism charisma charm personality character traits attributes qualities virtues integrity honesty sincerity authenticity genuine fake counterfeit imitation faux false real genuine original unique novel fresh green lush verdant fertile productive desert barren arid dry dried dehydration thirst hunger famine starvation malnutrition poverty poor deprived needy assistance help aid support sustain nourish feed provide deliver dispatch send receive accept get take give donate contribute volunteer community service social cause charity philanthropy humanitarian human rights civil rights animal rights plant tree conserve preserve save protect safeguard secure shield guard defend fight battle war conflict strife friction tension stress strain strain press squeeze hug embrace kiss goodbye miss longing desire wish hope anticipate expect expectation suspense mystery revelation prophecy apocalypse end beginning dawn dusk twilight sunset sunrise morning afternoon evening night midnight twelve o’clock time clock watch wristwatch stopwatch timer countdown count number letter symbol sign signal flag banner poster billboard road street highway freeway expressway turnpike beltway bypass route direction guidance instructions instructions manual handbook guide tutorial learning education knowledge wisdom enlightenment insight intuition instinct intuition gut feeling visceral inner soul spirit spiritual metaphysical cosmic divine god goddess deity worship religion faith creed belief principle ethic ethics morality moral compass moral compass north east west south direction cardinal points wind air element elemental earth water fire four directions native indigenous aboriginal first nations tribal tribe heritage ancestry genealogy family kin relatives parents children siblings brothers sisters grandparents grandchildren cousins nephew niece uncle aunt extended clan group band gang team squad crew crew army navy marines air force military defense offense attack assault assail assail onslaught onslaught siege siege tourism tour tourist vacation travel adventure explorer discover explore explore map navigation compass rose rose garden park zoo animals wildlife biodiversity ecosystem habitat shelter house boat ship schooner vessel yacht yacht race racecourse track competitor rival opponent adversary foe enemy ally friend ally loyal loyal faithful truthful honest truthful candid frank open candid sincere earnest heartfelt heartfelt emotions feelings sentiments thoughts ideas concepts theories hypothesis thesis argument debate dispute controversy polemic discussion dialogue conversation chat talk gossip rumor hearsay word-of-mouth pass-it-on telephone game charades performance performance art circus clown juggle balls balance acrobat trapeze net safety risk danger peril threat menace sinister ominous foreboding feeling suspicion doubt disbelief incredulity skepticism cynicism pessimism optimism positive negative polarity magnet opposite reverse inverted upside-down problem solution resolution remedy cure antidote poison venom toxin infection virus bacteria germs hygiene sanitation cleanliness tidy clean neat orderly chaotic messy sloppy slovenly lazily lazy idle no do nothing inactive inert stationary stationary mail correspondence letter envelope stamp postal postman delivery bread butter breakfast lunch dinner meals food nutrition diet exercise workout fitness gym yoga pilates barre ballet dance swing jazz tap hip-hop rap poetry spṓken [‘spəʊkən][‘spəʊkən][‘spəʊkən][‘spō-kĕn’][[[[[spoken]]]]

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