Online matchmaking for introverts

Online matchmaking for introverts

Title: How Online Matchmaking Saved My Love Life as an Introvert

Keywords: online matchmaking, introverts, love life, personal connection.

Dear fellow introverts,

Do you find it challenging to meet new people and start a relationship? Are bars and parties the last places where you’d like to look for a partner? If so, let me share with you my experience of how online matchmaking saved my love life.

Being an introvert myself, I always found socializing and small talks exhausting. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t hate people; we just need some time alone to recharge our batteries. However, this personality trait also makes it hard for me to approach new acquaintances or strike up conversations in unfamiliar environments. Therefore, when it comes to dating app culture or communicating with strangers on social media sites that use AI moderation tools now becoming more common these days like Facebook’s Messenger Kids’ parent control feature where moderators supervise chats between minors , I never felt too confident trying them out either.

One day after scrolling through my feed late at night (as per usual) I stumbled upon an ad promoting a new platform that promised to help shy individuals like me find potential partners without exposing themselves too much. Although skeptical at first (I am doubtful person by nature), something about their tagline “Where personality comes first” caught my attention – it felt less superficial than other dating websites that mainly focus on physical features rather than substance? Furthermore within 6 hours they used Artificial intelligence & Machine learning moderation tool powered by Google’s Advanced API modules helped screening profiles before I interacted which made the discomfort of approaching others gradually decreased.

Signing up for this platform was easy – all I had to do was fill out a detailed questionnaire about my hobbies and interests without sharing any compromising information (address or employer). Tons of match suggestions were immediately catered according based on both answers which help make stronger connections compared to typical random matching method used by many sites.

To my delight, I found myself chatting with different people who shared similar passions and lifestyles. As an introvert, it was a relief not to deal with the pressure of a face-to-face conversation, instead having time to draft thoughtful messages and responses at own pace. I finally felt comfortable enough to open up more which helped me building connections more naturally as opposed to the stiff or awkward exchanges that come with typical online dating.

As days went by and various conversations started taking shape ,I noticed a shift in how I viewed new relationships. Instead of seeing human interaction as unrealistic expectations that needed loads of small talk and forced encounters (if you know then you know), it became something inclusive where both parties enjoyed learning about each other without the need for any ulterior motive- which was really refreshing to say the least.

People often throw around phrases like “It’s what inside that counts” but still make rash judgments based on outward appearances . Thankfully using this site prioritized personality alignments over looks which meant skipping all those swipes left-that has little or nothing in common!(Guilty *sheepish grin*) Over time it becomes easier giving oneself permission to be seen for who you are rather than what one projects externally?

After chatting with one particular person for some weeks, we finally decided It was high-time we met up outside – You can imagine how nervous (and some degree anxious) I initially felt about this; Especially after years of entrenched Introvert tendencies BUT surprise surprise! ; when we eventually met up in person at my favorite coffee shop everything felt naturally progressed from where our chats left off- like meeting old friends just catching up after a while but equally exciting! After several dates later things started shifting gears into something strong & beautiful all thanks only possible due going outside box (in Web sense obviously!).

In conclusion, online matchmaking gave me an opportunity not just breaking free from strong personality traits barriers( by enabling interaction on own terms) but also fostering personal growth as well due to less expectation and more room for genuine connection- that resulted in building a fulfilling relationship I cherish today. Therefore, don’t be too hard on introverted self thinking your way of approaching things isn’t okay- embrace what works best for you and occasionally step a bit outside that box. Take career-oriented dating apps like ours that partners with Top tech companies to provide secure moderation (and many offered built-in unique features), for instance- hint hint wink wink.

Lastly, don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work out right away; sometimes finding the right person takes time regardless of offline or online methods because ‟you’re worth waiting & furthermore there are zillion stars in the sky but we do have one sun?”!

Yours Sincerely,

A Happy Ex-Introvert.

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