Unconventional online dating methods

Unconventional online dating methods

Unconventional Online Dating Methods – How to Think Outside of the Box

Online dating has become a norm in today’s society, with millions of people swiping left and right, trying to find their perfect match. However, traditional online dating methods may not be for everyone. If you’re tired of browsing through endless profiles or going on boring dates with people who just don’t click with you, it may be time to try some unconventional methods for finding your soulmate.

In this article, we’ll explore some out-of-the-box ways you can approach online dating that are both fun and effective. From apps that connect you based on mutual interests to virtual reality dating experiences, we’ve got some unique solutions for those seeking love in the digital age.

1. Outfit-based Dating Apps

First up is an innovative app that takes the emphasis off your clever one-liners or your well-framed profile picture – instead focusing solely on what outfit you’re wearing! Seeing someone who dresses like you or has similar fashion sensibilities can create an instant attraction that goes beyond words – making clothes a simple icebreaker.

There are already several successful apps using this method such as ‘Dressr’. The aim is simple; users upload photos of outfits they love and if one catches another user’s eye then it could lead them onto chat about other shared attributes; hobbies alike a certain sport team support and so on. Other popular apps include Klovr and SoSyncd.

2. Speed Dating – Virtually!

Speed dating is nothing new but it usually involves attending arranged events locally with groups of singles in close proximity-to meet potential partners quite quickly! While social distancing necessitated by COVID-19 made these sorts of gatherings impossible until now two companies (MyCheeky Virtual Date Onward) have found a way around that inconvenience by offering virtual speed-dating experiences from home via Zoom – allowing us all to save money without worrying about where our next romantic encounter might come from.

3. Location-Based Matching

Apps like MeetMeOutside and Happn are changing the dating game by linking people based on where they are located at any given time instead of interests. MeetMeOutside, specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, will help you find people to go on hikes or bike rides with; while Happn will alert you if another user has crossed paths within a certain distance, so it’s ideal for city-dwellers with busy lives.

4. Love in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is revolutionizing everything – and now it’s even making finding love easier than ever before! VR technology can transport users into fully-realized 3D environments where they can interact with avatars of other users in all sorts of simulated date settings such as exploring an art gallery or relaxing on a beach!

Companies like Strivr Labs already offer services that allow couples who own VR headsets to “meet” in virtual reality – making unique and lasting memories as well as giving an experience altogether new.

5. Improv-based Dating Apps

For those who have more fun being silly then being serious, there’s an app just for you! Improv-based dating sites take the age-old concept of roleplay games from your youth and let adults use them to find love online.

Chatrandom offers a service called ‘Improv’ which links up random pairs through video chat and gives them improv prompts while recording their conversation; allowing both romance-seekers to connect authentically without worrying about empty small talk but rather fluid reaction using silly scenarios provided by the platform.

6. Connecting Based on Unusual Criteria

LoveFlutter takes uniqueness one step further by matching users based not only on hobbies but also unorthodox characteristics such their favorite TV show- friends favourite musical album or even favorite foods… Hoping then that shared quirky preferences will reveal more about someone’s personality than traditional data would uncover!

7. Mixing Fitness with Romance

Fitness is a passion for many people, and it’s also something that can draw people together. Fitbit collaborations, like the one offered on the app aptly named ‘Sweatt’, connects single fitness enthusiasts based on their activity levels and preferred workouts – putting in extra gym hours may soon be a chance to find the love of your life!

8. Trying New Sexual Experiences

If you’re looking to spice your up sexual experience online and just want some no-strings-attached fun then joining adult live chat sites such as SlutRoulette NYX provide engaging experiences where users can indulge in light-hearted flirting without trying too hard! With an abundance of different types of individuals using these platforms, from performers to fetish-lovers, those willing to explore could find themselves an entirely new world.

9. Social Media Match Maker

We all know social media has long been used for messaging with romantic interests but how about using it actively as a platform for meeting someone new romantically? As social networks continue evolves so do associated dating tools intended for more effortless hookups on facebook or Istagram platforms like Hinge Instagram Stories feature which can allow anonymous ratings from interested parties!

10. Having Your Friends Help You Out

Lastly but not least although traditional face-to-face blind dates are losing favoritism between singles who’ve grown way too cautious sometimes sharing details about yourself i.e interest hobbies etc data could incentivize friends connecting potential matches but leaving out any phone numbers whatsoever.. Platonic-based apps are quickly becoming more popular offering couples and friend-pairings an opportunity to leisurely spend time together – pouring drinks over Zoom maybe?


The times they are a-changing’ – who would have thought even ten years ago that people would be meeting online? The wealth of unconventional options waiting out there means there is no longer singular path towards finding love! From showing off outfits on Dressr app or reaching strangers through Chatrandom an adventuring in in virtual reality with Strivr Labs love is always only a tap or swipe away and that it has reassured for the dating future.

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