Virtual wedding planning

Virtual wedding planning

A Glimpse into My Journey through Virtual Wedding Planning

Once upon a time, I was just like you – engaged and overwhelmed. Thoughts of venues, wedding dresses and flowers kept flooding my mind day in and day out. But to my rescue came an incredibly technological solution – Virtual wedding planning! Shocking, isn’t it?

My fiancé popped the question just as the new normal set in. It was amidst this bewildering pandemic where the phrase “social distancing” started becoming a norm rather than an exception. This got us stuck on how we’d plan our dream wedding without taking risks or breaking laws?

As they say,the necessity is the mother of inventions; virtual weddings emerged as a safe haven for many couples like us around the world.

So now wonder, why am I sharing this personal story with you? Well, because I want to show you that while ordinarily planning a wedding can be overwhelming; planning one virtually doesn’t have to be!

Are you ready for what’s next? Let’s dive into it together!

1: Fear Not Technology

Like many of you out there reading this piece right now, technology wasn’t really my thing either initially. However,I’ve always believed that anything can be fun if we give it enough enthusiasm and eagerness.

Why not treat technology as your useful sidekick rather than your enemy? After all,it literally saved me from becoming one among those dishearted brides lamenting over postponed weddings.

2: Leaning into Virtual Wedding Planning

Bite-sized truth coming your way — ‘Virtual’ doesn’t mean less special! Your love story is unique,and therefore,your virtual wedding experiences should reflect that too.

Think about it- how relaxing does remotely controlling everything sound? From selection fo venues to DJ selection everything at click of mouse button! Even better,no getting ready or driving required (a big plus in our busy lives,right?).

We tried tools like Zoom gatherings,mobile apps & online event planners.It felt so reassuring when vendors triple confirmed their availability at exact dates & timings through these digital platforms!

Plus,cake tasting remained intact albeit virtually.We had samples sent home while we chatted with bakers regarding preferences& designs over Skype.It sounds too good & hassle free isn’t?

3: Spreading Love Virtually

One tiny concern which niggled back of our minds throughout was whether guests would feel included or not.But trust me dear ones,virtual invitations turned out quite mesmerizingly innovative.You will find myriad choice which fits budget,longlist people including workmates&aunts whom couldn’t fit otherwise due real-life constraints.A Cha-ching moment leaving more space for dearest ones,right?

Speaking about ceremonies,everyone claiming front-row seats,few reaching prior dress codes&few relaxed with glass wine couch.All crediting marvels technology(I still get goose bumps!).

Before wrapping up,wanted share small yet significant hack realized later.Incorporating themes,games,memes between transitions provides everyone common topic unrelated marriage.Distract crying aunties& awkward pauses.Learn from others mistake,you’re learning beginner’s guide,buddy(giggles).

The story taught most important lesson – let creativity flourish when comes Virtual wedding planning.Surprisingly little space confines couldn’t limit joy& happiness hearts.Now happily married wife who witnessed dreamy-wedding-from-comfort-of-my-home.Would do again if given chance-100% yes.No second thoughts there (& massive savings)!

Concluding token wisdom anyone embarking upon similar journey,”Carpe Diem”(Seize Day)!Because end day,it’s YOUR DAY irrespective physical/virtual nature.Platforms may differ,but power love transcends!


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