How to handle breakups in online dating

How to handle breakups in online dating

How to Handle Breakups in Online Dating: The Ultimate Guide

Let’s talk heartbreaks, shall we?

Well, hello, lovebirds and heartbreak soldiers! I guess you’re reading this because you’ve either been through the battleground of online breakups and are looking for ways to patch up your romantic scars or taking proactive measures just in case. Whichever it is, buckle up as I walk you down an exciting path on How to handle breakups in online dating.

But before that, here’s an interesting tidbit – according to a Pew Research Center study, about 30% of U.S. adults say they have used a dating site or app and felt the nasty sting of digital heartbreak.

Identifying Tapeworms – They’re Not Just for Your Gut!

Now that’s out of the way let’s dissect this monster called ‘online breakup.’ What makes it different from real-life ones? Let me spill the beans.

Online relationships often cover an extended network due to the platform’s expansive nature. Even though most people think otherwise (and no judgment if you thought so too!), breaks up in online relationships can be equally cathartic compared to their physical counterpart. That means handling online dating breakups needs a tad bit more delicacy (no sarcasm intended). Hold onto your hats because we’re about to deep dive into how exactly you go about mitigating these emotional madhouses!

A Whole New World: How To Handle Breakups In Online Dating

Step 1: Feel Everything

That’s right! Don’t bottle it all up- feel every single emotion coursing through your veins. Bottling them won’t make them disappear; instead; they’ll pop out unannounced later — like unwelcome guests during naptime. So whether it is hurt or anger — feel them and give yourself enough time before moving on further with anything else.”

Step 2: Disconnect Digitally

How to handle breakups in online dating
Remember, online based connections make it next-to-impossible to stay ‘well-mannered’ during a breakup. This is because the Internet is one labyrinth you can’t escape. So take control in your hands and go for a digital detox – unfollow, block or mute.

Step 3: Seek Support

Fight off your inner self saying ‘online dating isn’t real.’ Research has shown that people often form genuine bonds and connections through these platforms. So don’t underestimate your pain. Reach out to friends or professionals who can lend a helping ear.

Step 4: Practice Self Love

It’s crucial not to let breakups sway away from our self-esteem, especially when it’s an online breakup! So take some time off and carry out activities that make you happy- Be around family, soak in some sun (or Netflix), get back on track with exercising- essentially practice all forms of self-love!

A Key Reminder On How To Handle Breakups In Online Dating

Dating is literally like finding a needle in the haystack – sometimes you find what you’re looking for straight away; other times you encounter lots of hay before landing on the ultimate needle (a.k.a., ‘The One’). This holds when dealing with breakups of any sort – be patient with this process — there’ll be heartaches and pitfalls. But giving up isn’t how we soar above them right?

And finally remember, handling breakups whether they’re online or offline doesn’t have any one-size-fits-all approach so try different methods until something works for you!

Are your notebooks filled? Has this information been helpful? I hope so! Keep strong my brave soldiers; we’ve all been through battles ourselves – use these experiences as steppingstones towards growth because love ain’t going anywhere soon — and neither should hope.

So brace yourselves! These emotional rollercoasters are only part of life’s crazy journey – keep your hearts open and stay resilient! Until next time, happy healing!

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