How to write an Internet dating profile

How to write an Internet dating profile

How to Write an Internet Dating Profile – A Personal Journey

If there was an Olympics for awkward people, yours truly would probably be a gold medalist. Every word I say somehow escalates the awkwardness in the room. Introductions? My worst nightmare! “Hi, I’m who? Why can’t I spell my name right?” Until one day, life decided to flip and made me learn How to write an Internet dating profile! But now I ask you this – if someone as socially inept as me can whip up a winning dating profile, why can’t you?

Let’s start from the inception of such depths.

One: Tackling My Fear of Writing an Internet Dating Profile

Commonly referred metaphorically to as jumping off a cliff in search of treasure chest submerged under water; that was precisely what diving into online dating felt like for me – risky yet exciting. It was crucial for me to convey my personality accurately while attracting potential matches.

Two: Learning The Ropes

Keep it brief but significant – that’s a mantra which served well in breaking down writing long-winded anecdotes about myself. Rather than waxing poetic about one’s hobbies or job description, brief descriptive lines are more beguiling and less likely overwhelming your reader.

Consider these two:

“I love sci-fi novels.’


“Sci-fi novels send my imagination on intergalactic voyages!”

Which one appeals more to your senses?

Three: Finding My Active Voice

In all actions of life comes warmth, specifically while writing these profiles because using active voice added vitality and transparency into descriptions and prevented any unnecessary ambiguity.

Doesn’t “I run five kilometers every weekend at the town park” sound way more personable than “five kilometers are run by me at the town park during weekends”?

Nailing down this grammatical endeavor took some learning but boy did it pay off!

Four: How To Write An Internet Dating Profile with Human-Connect

Social circles might label us introverts or extroverts; however each individual has astounding quirks making them intriguing. These distinctive traits were then something crucial which needed showcasing when pondering on How to write an Internet dating profile. Therefore instead of just stating “I enjoy quiet nights,” adding “whether it’s getting lost reading Murakami or self-soothing with some soulful Sade music” packs much punch!

Ping yourself with questions like,” is there uniqueness within my stated traits?” If not then raise up those quirk flags higher!

Five : Inclusion Of Personal Pronouns & Analogies To Brighten The Tone

Writing objectively simply doesn’t strike chords within hearts; therefore use personal pronouns abundantly (in moderation). Picturing your potential partner reading through aim should have them saying “Oh! They did that?” instead of “That was done.”

Also make friends with analogies just like how castles built from playing cards illustrate uncertainty rather than merely stating ‘uncertain circumstances.’ Analogies indeed bring forth resplendent colours onto words’ canvas.

So here you have it folks! A novice turned semi-pro overnight revealing secrets behind owning their online presence by cracking codes on how-to-write-an-internet-dating-profile whilst keeping things very human-like throughout.

Now next time when brushing upon profiles filled with generic interests listed under sunsets remember ours – unique yet real as well as tangible rather than being vague umbrella descriptions!


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